• Hi! My name is Les—with one "s."

    I've presented at thousands of events across the U.S. and internationally, both as an entertainer and as a leader helping clients and their teams grow, develop, and prosper in business. I'm the president of Rialto Academy—a hub for business training, education, and coaching—where I've led custom programs for the Jack Welch Management Institute, J.P. Morgan Chase, AT&T, University of Texas, Dell, Baylor Scott & White Health, and many other major companies. I'm the author of the book Plays Well With Others, and the co-creator of the original The ONE Thing Trainer Certification program based on the bestselling book, The ONE Thing, by Gary Keller and Jay Papasan (in fact, in 2015 and 2017 our training team was named the #1 training organization in the world among all industries by Training Magazine). And finally, as a personal business coach for many years, I've helped countless clients find success through clarity, accountability, passion, and diligence. Welcome!

    Les as presenter

    I have an unwavering belief in proven business strategies so I fill my leadership presentations with core concepts from some of the most powerful thought-influencers in the world—geniuses like Gary Keller, Jack Welch, Charles Duhigg, Gregg Popovich, John Maxwell, Napoleon Hill, and Fred Rogers, to name a few. I also present team-building sessions based on my book Plays Well With Others, where we get to enjoy some games, laugh, collaborate and connect using my secret weapon: play! Sometimes clients request my Plays Well With Others (PWWO) Leadership Development Program—a combination of the two presentation specialties—and those are especially fun.

    Rialto Academy

    Rialto Academy is the instructional design, digital learning, and publishing company I co-founded in 2016 with my partner Jonathan Moerbe. We help ambitious business people from the North American home industries achieve important goals through education, training, and coaching. Currently, we offer learning in the fields of real estate and lending. Soon, we'll offer education in home inspection and title, and we plan to include insurance education in the near future. In addition, I act as consultant and coach through Rialto Academy for a group of hand-picked clients in the entertainment, communications, and conference-services industries.

    Plays Well With Others—team success through play!

    My book, Plays Well With Others, is part memoir and part life lessons learned through many years working in professional comedy acting, improvisation and entertainment production. Even though my current focus is on the constructs and paths of business, I believe I'm a better business coach and author because of my years in comedy and improv. I use my book as a cross-over coaching tool to teach valuable lessons in collaboration and trust that help build and strengthen business-team dynamics through PLAY. Here's the coolest part: Any industry benefits from these techniques! Let's use fun to improve and recalibrate how your team functions, performs, and progresses.

  • Some of my client family. Let's add you!

    I'm so honored to have worked with these amazing people over the years.

  • What my clients say.

    "We're proud to have Les leading our programs. Les was there in the beginning, helping us design our ONE Thing training. Les is a seasoned trainer and skilled coach, I just love that he lives this material. His refreshing authenticity shines through in his presentations and coaching sessions."
    Jay Papasan, author, The ONE Thing

    "I have witnessed repeatedly the immediate success of Les’ methods … people undergo a profound change and have fun doing it."
    Dr. Leslie Jarmon, University of Texas

    "Les levels the playing field by introducing activities that make everyone stop and think about how they do things. We are incorporating the experiential activities into our supervisory classes."
    Dr. Gail Bentley, U.S. Dept. of Veterans Affairs

    “In a word, incredible. Amazing.”
    Jim Schnyder, Talent Acquisition Manager, PepsiCo / Frito-Lay

  • Contact Les!

    Want more information on booking a presentation, personal coaching, my book, or the icon that is the San Antonio Spurs coach Gregg Popovich? Drop me a note!